Your safety is important to us.

As soon as we are able to perform again, our concerts will be performed in compliance with official regulations. To ensure that you have a safe concert experience, we have put together some useful tips and information, which you will find below.

Contact Tracing

To meet official contact tracing requirements, all concertgoers must register before attending concerts at the KKL Luzern.

Registering with the Mindful check -in app

Download the free Mindful check-in app on your smartphone and use it to register before the concert.
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Step 1: Download the app and activate push messages
Download the Mindful check-in app on your smartphone or tablet computer and activate the push messages function. Every single concertgoer must download the app.
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Step 2: Enter your contact data
Enter your personal contact data and confirm your mobile number using SMS verification.

Step 3: Check in on the day of the performance
Scan the QR code using the Mindful check-in app at the entrance to the concert hall.

Registering without smartphone – registration form

If you do not have a smartphone, please register using the KKL registration form. Once you have filled it in, please print the form (download as a PDF file) and bring it with you to the concert. To the KKL Luzern contact data registration form

General measures

The following protective measures will ensure your safety at all times:

Admission to concerts

The building and auditorium will open one hour before the concert. Visitors will be admitted exclusively via the concert hall sector. Connecting doors to the other sectors as well as the main entrance will remain closed. We kindly ask you to go straight to the auditorium and take your seat immediately in order to prevent groups from forming. Please consult the signs to ascertain which of the entrances you can use to reach your seat. We also draw your attention to the fact that personal data checks may be conducted at any time. For this purpose, please carry an ID card or other valid form of identification with you.

No intervals

For your safety, there will be no intervals and the concert bars will remain closed. However, you are welcome to dine at the newly opened Le Piaf and Lucide restaurants. Please find an overview of all the KKL Luzern’s restaurant facilities here.

Social distancing and compulsory masks

Please observe a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people when entering the auditorium, in the foyers, and whenever possible.
Please note that, for your own safety, it is compulsory to wear masks in the foyers and the auditorium.

In accordance with the cantonal permit for large-scale events, persons who cannot wear masks for medical reasons (this requires a medical certificate) will not be admitted.

Cloakroom obligatory

Handbags and rucksacks up to 42 × 29.7 × 29.7 cm (A3) may be taken into the auditorium. Any larger bags, pieces of luggage, and other bulky items must be left in the cloakroom. For safety reasons, coats and jackets may also not be taken into the auditorium, but can be left in the cloakroom free of charge. Prams and walking-length umbrellas will be kept for you in our cloakrooms at no charge. Walking frames may be left in the immediate vicinity of the auditorium doors. Our staff will be pleased to help you.

Safety concept for concert venues

Information on safety concept for the KKL Luzern


Information on safety concept for the Luzern Theater