For children, young people and adults

Our education program invites people between 0 and 99 who love to listen to music and making music themselves

Both children and adults – with an without pre-experience in music – are invited to our education program to get to know music of all genres and experience it with all their senses. Whether the music is staged, moderated or engaged in interactively, the aim is always to provide a broad experience that focuses on personal interaction with our musicians and exploring the world of instruments and sounds.

In addition to our symphony concerts we offer introductions, rehearsal visits and interactive workshops. Further, our mobile stage the «Musikwagen» has become a hallmark feature: it is pulled by a tractor and steadily moves from place to place all over Central Switzerland, bringing music to schools and other institutions. On Campus Südpol we are happy to welcome you to our new «Orchestra House», where new formats and further encounters with our orchestra in its every-day routine will take place.

Activities also include concerts for people suffering from dementia, projects at special education schools, programs for children and adults with disabilities and homes for the elderly. It is important to us to remove barriers and to involve everyone with their own individual skills and talents, may this be as visitors or in an active role as creative artists.