First concert

We had a first concert in Ravinia tonight Tuesday 22nd August 8 p.m. Ravinia festival is held in a suburb of Chicago inside of a big beautiful park.

This morning from 11.a.m. we had a general rehearsal on the stage.
I like the stage very much. It is a kind of open air but nevertheless well protected.
I can see trees, I can hear birds singing and many insects calling each other. Then of course from time to time also the tractors and even helicopters :-). But we have very nice air and good light. It makes it so easy for us to read the music. All in all: very nice to play.


We started with Rossini’s Overture to William Tell. It's quite cool to present it since we are from Switzerland. I love how the cellos start the piece.
Then Brahm’s Symphony No. 1. I have seen some musicians who don't play this piece listening to us.

After the break we rehearsed Bruch’s violin concerto No. 1 with the violinist In Mo Yang. We have never played together with him before and it was his only rehearsal with us. It is fantastic how we managed to get together so quickly!

We went back to the hotel and had a bit less than 4 hours’ time till our departure with the bus to the concert. We have to organise the time wisely: eating, resting, preparing etc...still jetlagged.
Not easy at all.

6.20 p.m.: in 10 minutes the bus is leaving to the concert. Hop hop! We had a funny bus driver. He even brought us to the wrong entrance. Never mind. When we were walking in the park some people were giving us already applause.

Strange...this is the first time I see everyone wearing white tops. It took a while to get used to this.


8.p.m.: Concert started.
There were many people listening, watching us with their own picnic in the park with big screens and speakers.
We had a good concert. Oh – we played as an encore Brahm’s Hungarian Dance No. 1.

It must be also nice to be in the park listening to the concert. But for tonight I was happy with being on the stage performing.

Now I have to go to sleep. We have another concert tomorrow.

(Keiko Yamaguchi, 2nd violin)