The Orchestra House on the Südpol campus: a meeting place for the generations and music lovers.

Located on the axis between Lucerne and Kriens, the Orchestra House stands in the immediate vicinity of the newly built Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Music Department as well as the Südpol Lucerne, the Luzerner Theater and the Music School. A music campus has been built on the Südpol site, offering interesting synergies and potential for cooperation: children will encounter young adults, students will meet professional musicians. This is a unique opportunity for Lucerne and the institutions.Kampus Südpol located on the Südpol campus.


Space for new formats

Several musical teaching activities are already planned, with the intention of promoting a variety of exciting musical encounters:
Members of the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester’s audience who play an instrument can get to know the Orchestra House by rehearsing there, sitting cheek by jowl with the professionals in the Audience Orchestra.
The Instrumenten-Café provides opportunities for personal encounters and exchanges of ideas with musicians.
Parents and their small children will find rooms in the Orchestra House where musical experiences can be gained in a setting that focuses entirely on children’s needs and interests.
Schoolchildren both with and without disabilities can create their own concerts and invite their own guests.
Every fortnight, people who share pleasure in music-making – with or without previous experience, young or old – can meet at the Drum Circle.
The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Music Department and the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester have cooperated to develop the new CAS Musik vermitteln advanced training course, which exploits synergies between theory and practice in an exemplary manner.

The vision is clear: the Orchestra House is intended to become a place that is open, inclusive, innovative and conducive to networking – a place that offers space for encounters and creativity.