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Swan – a Different Story (Yabin Wang mit Musik aus Pjotr I. Tschaikowskis «Schwanensee») – Premiere

Sun, 30. March 2025 | 19:00 UhrLuzerner Theater

The Luzerner Sinfonieorchester as the opera orchestra of the Lucerne Theater

This production caused a sensation far beyond Lucerne. It caused a sensation not only thanks to its high quality at all levels, but also because it was characterized by a special trick that made it so unusual: the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s dreamlike “Swan Lake” composition rise up from the orchestra pit – the familiar melodies still move people today; for most, they also evoke images of tutus and pointe shoes. But it is precisely this tradition that the production breaks with in an astonishing way – there are no swans to be seen anywhere on stage. Yabin Wang, star choreographer from China, combines a completely different story from European literature with the music: Mary Shelley’s story “Frankenstein”. She does this so convincingly that it is as if the music had never been composed for any other material.
The choreographer combines Western narrative forms with Eastern dance tradition and cleverly uses the emotionality that underpins the parade work of ballet history to bring the tragic fate of the creature created by Doctor Frankenstein to the stage. As you watch, you experience the world entirely from the perspective of the artificially created creature and suffer with him in the face of society’s rejection. “Taking the most famous ballet and making something completely contrary out of it is something you have to dare to do. Yabin Wang does this with a lightness that pays off,” commented the press. Young and old alike were enraptured. This revival is for all those who missed this “Swan”, but above all for the many who would love to see it again.
From March 30, 2025 on the stage of the Lucerne Theater.

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