Kinder bespielen das Geländer des KKL mit Petflaschen

Musical experiences between classroom and concert hall

Schools and institutions

The orchestra as a tool for learning and play

The orchestra: learning outside school

School classes of all levels and their teachers can explore the fascinating world of the orchestra through rehearsal visits, concerts and workshops.

A symphony orchestra and a school can connect in many different ways. Musicians can present their instruments close up; classes can attend their first ever concert in the impressively large KKL Luzern concert hall, learn exciting things about acoustics and different professions, or take part in workshops. This is a chance to listen to each other, explore new sounds, and work on creative processes together. Discover the array of musical opportunities available and put together a programme individually tailored to your class.

The music truck for schools

  • For all grades

    Rehearsal visits

    Immerse yourself and your class in the world of an orchestra! Around the visit to the rehearsal we plan an individual attunement.

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  • For grades 1–3

    «Gänseblüemli im Rosengarten»

    An interactive concert about the composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, about friendship and the music.

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  • For all grades

    Let’s hear a symphony in the KKL Luzern! We believe that every child should have the opportunity to hear this symphony live once in their life.

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  • For kindergarten to 2nd grade

    Reeeeeeeeally slowly, step by step, the turtle Tranquilla Trampeltreu is on the move.

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