Piecesvon Hummel, Neruda, Haydn und Arutunian

Trumpet Concertos: Lucienne Ranaudin Vary and the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester

Warner Classics 2022

The versatile trumpeter as a guest in Lucerne

In any player’s discography a concerto album is something special, as it represents the heritage of theri instrument. The concertos I’ve chosen are part of me – they’ve always been with me and today I perform them regularly in concert.

I remember how I felt when I heard them for the very frst time, and my irresistible urge to play them. I also remember borrowing them from the conservatoire labrary when I was around ten, without my teacher’s knowledge, because I was still too young to learn them. I used to play along to recordings of them in my bedroom, imagining myself with a full orchestra behind me. Getting to record this album with the fantastic Luzerner Sinfonieorchester is a dream come true.

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