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Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss) – Premiere

Sat, 23. November 2024 | 19:30 UhrLuzerner Theater

The Luzerner Sinfonieorchester as the opera orchestra of the Lucerne Theater

Excitement in the Eisenstein household. This is caused by an ex-lover, a husband who is to go to prison, his wife Rosalinde and her maid Adele, who is aiming high. They meet again at Prince Orlofsky’s ball. But who is who now? It’s not just the disguise that makes recognition difficult. The champagne does the rest. And so, for the duration of a night at the ball, life goes on without a care in the world, according to the motto: amusing, charming, risky. But Eisenstein soon falls into wife Rosalinde’s trap. All the entanglements finally culminate in an exhilarating finale in an extremely turbulent location.
Based on Jacques Offenbach’s satirical parodies, Johann Strauss founded the Viennese operetta: the ingredients are subtle wit, socio-psychological accuracy and scenic visual arcs. Added to this is an illustrious cast with high ambitions. Strauss’ citizens do not want to remain what they are: They con themselves into roles that elevate them above their station, catapulting themselves into situations that turn everything they think they know on its head. Their composer brilliantly brings them together musically. Waltzes and champagne are supposed to make you forget the hardships of everyday life. People sing and laugh, dance and drink. But in the end, Mr. Falke, alias “Die Fledermaus”, only wants one thing: revenge!
Her captivating melodies made the queen of operettas world-famous, as well as her wise motto: “Happy is he who forgets what cannot be changed.”

From November 23rd, 2024 on the stage of the Lucerne Theater.

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