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Piano Festival «Le piano symphonique» – The Art of Playing the Harpsichord

Past Event
Tue, 7. February 2023 | 22:00 UhrNeubad Luzern

Piano Festival «Le piano symphonique» ‒ Late Night Concert

  • Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 – 1764)

    • Prelude in A minor

    • Suite in A minor from Nouvelles Suites de Pièces de Clavecin (selection)

  • François Couperin (1668 – 1733)

    • L'Art de toucher le clavecin : Premier Prélude en Do Majeur

    • La Ténébreuse (Allemande)

    • La Lugubre (Sarabande)

    • La Favorite (Chaconne à deux tems - Rondeau)

  • Pancrace Royer (1703 – 1755)

    • La Sensible

    • La Marche des Scythes

When Jean Rondeau plays the harpsichord, new worlds open up, both musical and instrumental. In his hands the music sounds excitingly fresh and unspent, anything but dusty or out-dated; enough to make you think that this instrument is exactly right for the modern day. For Jean Rondeau it was love at first sight, or rather at first sound. At the age of five, he heard a harpsichord on the radio for the first time, «and at once the sound touched me so directly that it marked me for life» . Since then it has been «his» instrument. «The history of the harpsichord is very complex and extremely exciting,» Rondeau emphasises. «And because it is so idiosyncratic, people probably think the instrument is old fashioned. I find that absurd. My approach has always been very straightforward, and my goal as a musician is to be as honest as possible. Honesty is very important in music. We live in a world where everyone talks about everything. I like people who don’t talk.» Indeed, his music needs silence.

Jean Rondeau plays Bach's Goldberg Variations: Variation I

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