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Schools Concert: «Tranquilla Trampeltreu»

Past Event
Fri, 9. December 2022 | 9:30 UhrOrchesterhaus Kriens

Recommended from Kindergarten to 2nd class

  • Music by Jacques Ibert, György Ligeti, Denes Agay and more

Reeeeeeeeally slowly, step by step, the turtle Tranquilla Trampeltreu is on the move. Will she make it in time for Leo the Twenty-Eighth’s wedding? On the way, she encounters many animals who have also set off, crawling, scuttling, flying and jumping. They laugh at the stubborn turtle and don’t believe that she will ever reach her destination. But one step at a time, much later, Tranquilla Tram- peltreu arrives at the venue – just in time for the wedding of Leo the Twenty-ninth!

Musicians from the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester bring the various characters to life in music, while students from the «Music and Movement» course tell Michael Ende’s story and show moving images. This is a concert to see, hear and feel.

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