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Cosy Concerts in the Orchesterhaus

Sat, 4. February 2023 | 15:00 UhrOrchesterhaus Kriens


  • Music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others

Relaxed Performance

Do you like to stand up during concerts? Do you like to choose your own seat? Do you like short concerts? Does it sometimes get too loud for you?
Maybe the new Cosy Concerts in the Orchesterhaus are just right for you! We open the door in time for the concert so you can choose your seat in peace. On a chair, cushion, or deckchair, far away from the musicians or very close to them – however you feel most comfortable!
We leave the door open during the concert and the hall remains bright. You can go outside in between and you don’t have to be silent. If you’ve heard enough music and want to have a bit of peace and quiet, we’ve set up a lounge on the second floor where you can also have a drink.
If you want to know more about what to expect, contact Noah Petschi: n.petschi@sinfonieorchester.ch | Tel. +41 41 226 05 19.

Do you know someone who would like to listen to music in this way? Tell them about our Cosy Concerts or better still, come and visit us together!

A programme for people aged 0 to 100

The Music Education programme invites children and adults to experience live classical music with all their senses. This concept of inclusion has been a core concern from the outset.

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